School to School Support

School to School Support

Peer-to-peer support is credible because it is rooted in current school leadership practice and will draw on real experience. It also provides product management courses in Canada and an opportunity for true partnership working and a chance to try new approaches or ideas safely, in ways that are appropriate to the context in which leaders are working.

All schools within the Alliance have experience of working with schools deemed under-performing and/or have experience of rapid improvement themselves – school improvement strategies that bring about consistent, sustainable and long lasting school improvement are well understood and acted upon within the partnership. As such, support from many of the partnership schools is in high demand due to their outstanding results and reputation throughout the area.

Both Teaching Schools within the Alliance already have established reputations in providing high quality support which results in rapid long-lasting school improvement.

The support offered by schools within the Alliance will bring a fresh perspective to specific challenges or issues, as well as the benefit of specialist knowledge and expertise. We aim to work collaboratively with schools requiring support, helping to ensure long-term, sustainable improvement.

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